Home Update Roundup #1

    Roundup #1

    Items at random from around the internet

    A threat to philanthropic giving?

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    Predictions: what did they get right 25 years ago?

    The answer is here

    From the Bronze Age.

    A replica of a 4,000 year old craft has just paddled out on a short maiden voyage in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. Christened the Morgawr after a mythical monster of Falmouth Bay, she is a 50-foot long, six-ton replica of a Bronze Age boat, which was built by a team of fifty volunteers over the last eleven months at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

    See the first voyage here


    Please feel the museum

    Touch it here

    Is a Viking sunstone a reality?

    The latest theory is here

    Modern ship design – new ‘noses’ for container ships

    You'll get to the end of it here

    A video that ship lovers will find hard to watch

    It is of the scuttling of HMS Implacable in 1949. She was originally the French Navy’s Téméraire-class ship of the line Duguay-Trouin, launched in 1800. Duguay-Trouin fought in and survived the Battle of Trafalgar, only to be captured by the British in the Battle of Cape Ortegal and renamed Implacable. When scuttled in 1949,  HMS Implacable was the second oldest ship of the Navy after HMS Victory. There were major protests against her disposal, but given post-War austerity, the British government decided against the cost of her restoration. In 1947 the British government offered her to the French, who also declined the offer based on restoration costs. Implacable’s figurehead and stern galleries were removed prior to scuttling and are on display in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, UK.

    History sinks here

    And finally, just for fun

    A video about a geriatric sea otter named Eddie, who plays basketball to help with arthritic elbows. (No, I am not making this up.)

    Shoot for goal here