Gale warning on tour


    Dutch company, Flying Focus, has selected 25 of their best aerial photographs of ships in rough seas for exhibition by maritime museums.

    For more than 25 years, maritime aerial photographer Herman IJsseling, from Flying Focus, has regularly made flights to photograph ships under the most difficult weather conditions imaginable. He has even flown and worked in force 10 gales.

    Even after all these years, IJsseling finds it is still a privilege to be able to fly above the sea in such stormy weather conditions. He says; ‘It is always fascinating to see what storm force winds can do to the sea, and what severe conditions vessels have to cope with’.

    IJsseling has now made a selection of 25 of his best storm photographs available for exhibition to the public at maritime museums around the world.

    To cater for various exhibition needs and wishes the photographs are available either printed on canvas in sizes 100x140cm, or 60x80cm, or a mixture of sizes; or as high-quality prints 40x60cm framed with passe-partout in size 50x70cm.

    Except for the cost for packing and shipping, these ready-for-use exhibition packages are available to maritime museums free of charge. To accompany the exhibition photographs, Flying Focus requests an arrangement with exhibiting museums to sell Flying Focus maritime themed books and calendars on site to the public.

    For more information about this exhibition opportunity, visit or contact Flying Focus by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it