Battle cruiser's world cruise


    Battle cruiser HMS New Zealand, gifted by the people of New Zealand to Great Britain and the Royal Navy in 1909, undertook a world tour in 1913.

    The ship sailed from England on 6 February 1913 and arrived in New Zealand on 12 April. Proudly displayed as a symbol of New Zealand’s nationhood, HMS New Zealand visited 18 ports around the country during the three month visit. It is estimated that almost half of the then population of New Zealand saw or visited the ship during her stay.

    To mark this significant event the National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy, in collaboration with the Auckland War Memorial Museum, has created an online resource that brings the historic 1913 HMS New Zealand 10-month round-the-world world cruise alive.

    You can follow HMS New Zealand’s 1913 cruise and see a day-by-day track of the battle cruiser’s progress around-the-world, supported by images, newspaper accounts, anecdotes and ‘breakout’ stories, depicting daily the life and experiences of this famous warship.

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