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    Hong Kong Maritime Museum appoints Chief Curator


    Hong Kong Maritime Museum Director, Richard Wesley announced on 18 July 2013 that Dr. Tianlong Jiao has been appointed as the museum’s Chief Curator. Educated at Peking University and Harvard University, Dr. Jiao has over three decades of experience working as an anthropologist, archaeologist and museum specialist in China and the Pacific. For the last decade he has been based at the world-renowned Bishop Museum in Hawaii as Chairman of the Anthropology Department.

    "Hong Kong Maritime Museum believes the appointment of Dr. Jiao is a major milestone in the museum’s development, strengthening the organisation’s capacity to work in partnership with other maritime museums, located not just in China but the entire Pacific Rim. He also brings to the museum a wealth of experience that will enable HKMM to build on its current research and exhibition activities,” said Mr. Wesley.

    The museum is also delighted to announce the generous donation of HK$1,200,000 by Dr. Frank Tsao Wen-king of the IMC Group to support the appointment through the creation of a Curatorial Chair. These funds will be used to support future curatorial initiatives including research, object acquisition and education programs.

    In speaking about the challenges of his new appointment, Dr. Jiao stated “As a new, independent institution there are many opportunities to collaborate with maritime institutions, whether they be museums, research institutes or private companies in a whole range of subject areas including marine conservation, maritime archaeology, preservation of traditional maritime cultures and documentation of technological advances in the shipping industry. I look forward to working with my colleagues and members of the museum board to help chart a new phase in the museums development.”