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    Mystic's tribute to Nancie Greenman

    Mystic Seaport notes with sadness the passing of Nancie Greenman, long-time volunteer in the Interpretation Department and friend of Mystic Seaport. Nancie died in September 2013.

    Nancie was an associate professor at and former chair of the Boston School of Occupational Therapy at Tufts University.

    A member of Mystic Seaport since 1955, she was a Pilot for six years and credits the PILOTS program with her decision to move to Mystic in 1979 after her retirement.

    Using her teaching background as a base, Nancie welcomed the opportunity to pursue a second career, that of museum work. She became an active volunteer, donating thousands of hours of volunteer service as an Interpreter in the Mallory, Stillman, and Schaefer Buildings. She joined the Library Fellows in 1990 and was also a Life Member and Stillman Society member.

    Nancie was a lively conversationalist – bright and perceptive, with a no-nonsense personality. She was highly respected by her friends and colleagues in the Interpretation Department and across the Museum.

    Her great grandfather was Captain John Bolles, a whaleman who sailed out of New London. A large number of his logbooks have been preserved in the Manuscript Collection of the G.W. Blunt White Library. Nancie’s family background and personal interest in maritime history also led her to become involved in the International Congress of Maritime Museums.


    Thanks to Claire Calabretta for compiling this information about Nancie