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    Why join ICMM?

    ICMM brings together maritime museum professionals from around the world. ICMM's biennial congresses share knowledge and best practice from maritime museums large and small, but above all they enable people to meet, to socialise, to network and to establish relationships between museums which can result in shared exhibitions and staff exchanges, among other benefits.

    Between congresses, the ICMM website provides an information resource to keep maritime museum professionals in touch with one another, with the latest news of museums and people. Member-only discussion forums on topics of current and more academic interest will become a feature of this website in coming months, so visit regularly for updates.

    ICMM membership provides access to the world's maritime museum information hub.


    Who may join?

    You are invited to apply as a Full Member if your Museum, whether large or small, identifies itself as partly or primarily maritime or naval in emphasis, or if its collections include nautical artefacts or documents, or if it wishes to participate in a worldwide community of maritime museums and maritime preservation professionals. All applications for Full Membership are reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee and the full membership at a Congress.

    Individuals, accepted by the ICMM Executive Council, are welcome to join ICMM in the Associate Member category. Museum professionals employed by a FULL ICMM institutional member may apply to join by letter to the Secretary General stating details of their employment and role. Individuals who are not staff members of a FULL member should obtain a letter of recommendation from a FULL member institution and submit it to the Secretary General together with their personal details and maritime interests.  Associate Members enjoy all benefits of membership, except that Associate Members do not vote on ICMM business.

    Please go to the 'How to Join' page for more information.



    Museums wishing to apply as FULL members of ICMM should send by email, to the Secretary General at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , a letter of application, on museum stationery and signed by the museum's director or a board member. The letter should set out details about the museum, its collections, governance, staff, size, visitor numbers and background. Attach supporting documents as necessary. The application will be considered by the ICMM Executive Council and, if approved, ratified by the ICMM General Assembly at the next biennial congress. Membership fees are payable after an application is accepted. The Secretary General can answer any questions an applicant may have about the membership process.

    Individuals wishing to join ICMM as an ASSOCIATE Member should send a letter by email to the Secretary General setting out their interest and association with maritime museums. Those applying for Associate membership who are not staff members of Full Members of ICMM will require a letter of recommendation from a Full ICMM member institution. On confirmation of membership by the ICMM Executive Council, the membership fee is payable.


    Please note that ASSOCIATE membership is not available to institutions, or to individuals representing maritime museums. All institutions should apply for FULL membership.



    A new membership fee structure was introduced at the ICMM General Assembly at the 2011 Biennial Congress.

    Full details of the new membership fee structure and when it applies is shown in the table below. Note that the membership fee structure is under review.

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