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    Ranking maritime museums – An invitation

    Putting lists together which rate things, no matter what they are, is always a tricky business. Maritime Museums are no exception.

    Eric Ruff, Curator Emeritus at Yarmouth County Museum, Nova Scotia, Canada came across a maritime museum rating published recently by the website Marine Insight.

    Here’s their top ten:

    1:  National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK

    2:  Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney, Australia

    3:  San Diego Maritime Museum, USA

    4:  Liverpool Maritime Museum, UK

    5:  Vancouver Maritime Museum, Canada

    6:  Michigan Maritime Museum, USA

    7:  Maine Maritime Museum, USA

    8:  Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland, NZ

    9:  Kobe Maritime Museum, Japan

    10:  The Netherlands National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam


    An interesting list?

    Which maritime museums would you choose?

    Here's an invitation to compile your own list of the Top 10 maritime museums in the world and share it with your colleagues online. But we would like to know the reasons for your choices, so add a brief note with each museum name, telling us why you have chosen it and how you have ranked it.

    No prizes, but it will be interesting to see whether your choices vary significantly and whether geography plays a part.

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